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Maybe belonging at Romolo, the first king of Rome?

One year after starting an archeological investigation, the director of the Park of the Colosseum, Alfonsina Russo, has announced that the excavations at the Curia-Comitium have brought to light an exceptional discovery. Below the stairs leading to the Curia a basement has been found, in which was discovered a sarcophagus probably belonging to the VI century before Christ. It is 1.40 metres (4.6 ft) long and it’s associated with a circular structure (maybe an altar) and it is hollowed out in the tuff. Nothing is certain but many elements make the historians believe that it could be the tomb of the first king of Rome, Romolo. In fact, the founding of the Eternal City and the creation of the first political institutions are attributed to him.

Legend or reality: it’s impossible to answer, but for sure now inside the Roman Forum (one of the most important archeological site in Rome) we have a new section to visit. The area is very suggestive and it will be even more impressive because of the mistery that you can breath in the air… are we in the tomb of the first king of Rome???

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Written by #stefanosghinolfi

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