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Just a few more days to the worldwide celebration of the most loved Italian dish in the world.

Carb lovers of the world, behold: October 25 is World Pasta Day, dedicated to the food that unites the world, undisputed symbol of the Mediterranean diet and the Italian lifestyle.

Picture this…a warm steaming pile of spaghetti in a rich red sauce, with a small green basil leaf on top. Or, perhaps the idea of a delicious layered lasagna, filled with tomato sauce, béchamel, ham, minced meat and mozzarella cheese. Pasta comes in over 600 shapes known to mankind, it is global, able to adapt to different traditions in space and time. It appears in simple or elaborate recipes, cooked “the old way” or with unusual combinations of ingredients. It is democratic because it combines very poor ingredients with valuable products, and it goes well with meat and fish as well as with vegetables for a vegetarian or vegan diet.

Everyone knows it: pasta is the Italian dish par excellence. 9 Italians out of 10 claim to eat it regularly, with even the superfans who eat it every day. However, while Italy made it famous, pasta has caught on in almost every corner of the world: Chinese Chow Mein and German Spaetzle are just a few evidences of this shared love for pasta.

The World Pasta Day holiday began only recently – in 1995 – when 40 pasta producers from around the world gathered to hold the first World Pasta Congress. The event, promoted by the pasta producers of Unione Italiana Food (AIDEPI) and of International Pasta Organization (IPO), reaches this year its 22nd edition and its goal is, since its inception, to celebrate not only pasta but also the Mediterranean diet. Known and appreciated all over the world, the Mediterranean diet is even recognized by UNESCO as an “intangible heritage of humanity”: indeed, it is not simply a diet, but a real change in lifestyle, a way of life, a moment of social sharing, a set of agricultural traditions and knowledge of the territory. #WorldPastaDay is the official hashtag that chefs, food bloggers or simple pasta lovers from all over the world will use to promote traditional or new tasty recipes on social networks, showing their passion for this made-in-Italy dish. October 25 is the day to celebrate the food that has become part of the eating habits of the entire world and, in a sense, it is a celebration that concerns all of us, lovers of spaghetti, tagliatelle, rigatoni, lasagna and tortellini.

So…how can you Celebrate World Pasta Day? First and foremost, you could try cooking your own homemade pasta yourself, for there is no better way to renew a deep appreciation for pasta than to test yourself in various recipes featuring it. You could also host a World Pasta Day Party, which would be a great way to share your favorite pasta dish, or swap recipe ideas with other guests.

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written by #stefanosghinolfi

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