What are the most important trends about wedding?

discover with us the most important trends about wedding!

Wedding is a personal and subjective event, but it is always possible to take inspiration from the most popular ideas, proposals and trends to make it unique and as you have always dreamed of.

Trends are always new because they evolve with the changes in society and each trend corresponds to a particular style that obviously the bride and groom can customize according to their desire.

But what are the most fashionable trends? Let’s see them together:

If you want a sober wedding with few details but very elegant and well defined, the minimal wedding is for you. This style is characterized by the presence of few elements of fittings, but very accurate and elegant; generally the colours are light and the floral aspect is the master: flowers give a touch of innovation with delicate and precise compositions.

If you love nature, you are looking for a natural wedding. In this trend predominate decorations that seem wild but actually well cared for and in line with the seasonality of the event … nature is the protagonist! Even the location reflects this trend, the most sought after are the locations surrounded by nature.

The eco friendly wedding is chosen by the couple who love and care about the environment. What stands out in this trend are the colors of the earth that appear in the decoration of the location but also in the look of the bride and groom who choose clothes with special fabrics.

Finally, the glamour wedding is that always present trend with an unmistakable style. The couple who do not want to go unnoticed, choose this style between classic and baroque, creating a luxury event but without overdoing it. The decorative elements are in fact elaborate but combined in a sober way. The shades are light with gold and crystal details.

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