Italy is famous for many things: good food, the sun, the sea, history and much more. But it is also very famous for bureaucracy! Who wants to get married in the belpaese is called to arm himself with patience and a long time to carry out all the required paperwork and various permits. The ceremonies are three types: civil, religious and symbolic union. Below we offer indications for your wedding in Italy with the documentation and timing that must be respected.

  • Civil Union: Birth Certificate, Residence Certificate, Citizen Certificates for both partners and the clearance, depending on the country of origin.
    Approximate time for all documents to be ready: 3 months.
  • Catholic Ceremony: Baptism Certificate of both partners, Confirmation Certificate of both partners Certificate of free ecclesiastical state of both partners, Premarital Course Certificate, Ecclesiastical Clearance, own embassy permission, Local embassy permission (of the country where you want to celebrate) and the ecclesiastic clearance.
    Approximate time for all documents to be ready: 6 months.
  • Symbolic union: no documentation required.

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Italian wedding planner by Giorgia