By motorbike, by boat or even by bicycle! Here are the most original means of transport to reach the wedding scenarios, for an entry that will leave all your guests literally speechless!
The sidecar, a vintage vehicle for a retro and romantic touch, or the Ape, a timeless means of transport, now re-proposed in new, more modern and colorful versions. Do you really want to surprise everyone? So why not get on a jet ski in perfect James Bond style? You will certainly look great with your guests. On the contrary, for the bride and groom of classical and slightly eighteenth-century style, an arrival in a carriage drawn by magnificent horses is ideal. Finally, no less romantic and original than the others, the scooter, perhaps riding the famous Vespa special, to speed along towards your new future. What is your favorite? If you want to have your wedding ceremony in Italy, contact

Italian wedding planner by Giorgia