The slogan for the new make-up trend is “light”: goodbye to contouring and matt effect, the bride will be bright on her face and décolleté. Warm light wraps and tends to amber and gold shades. A light not sparkling, but satin and with a glowing finish. The lips do not have a defined outline with pencil, but are outlined with the use of liquid dyes matt effect on the shades of amber and with a clearer shade in the center. The result is an elegant, regal, however modern and sinuous make-up. Orazio Tomarchio is a world famous make-up artist, founder of the line of cosmetics “Cherie Maquillage”. He hosted world famous celebrities like Sofia Loren, Susan Sarandon and Monica Bellucci, just to name a few. Today it manages “La Truccheria Cherie”, a treasure chest of beauty in the heart of Catania, in Sicily. If you want to have your wedding ceremony in Italy and you’re looking for private services, such as private make-up artists and private transfers, contact


Italian wedding planner by Giorgia

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