One of the most popular themes for marriage is certainly the one linked to the tree of life. Rich in meaning, this theme is in great demand due to the symbolic links that describe it, especially the one that represents the family. After all, marriage is nothing more than the union of two families and therefore we see the bond between two family trees plus the creation of a new one that will be formed over the years, with the arrival of children. The tree of life, lends itself to an infinite number of achievements for marriage themes. In fact, it can be linked to the theme of poems, or combined with the one of ecological or evergreen, using it as a starting point to say that trees are our only source of shelter, support, food, oxygen and therefore life. There are those who link it to the family tree and those to the theme of wood. A thousand ideas to live your dream! If you want to have your wedding ceremony in Italy, contact

Italian wedding planner by Giorgia