On the occasion of an important anniversary like the 10th year of marriage, or for a strong personal motivation, many couples now tend to celebrate the renewal of their marriage vows.
Who renews the votes? Both those who decide to do so formally and religiously, and those who prefer a more symbolic form. Other couples decide to renew their vows and finally have the great wedding party they could not celebrate the first time.
What should you wear? If you are the bride, you can wear your original wedding dress, or you can choose another dress depending on your taste, formality and the style of the celebration. If you are the groom, you could wear the original dress, perhaps with a new tie or vest, or choose a new one. If you want, wear a gift from your wife to personalize your outfit.
During the ceremony, it is not necessary to have witnesses but many couples choose to involve their children and grandchildren.  If you choose a church ceremony, you can let them accompany you to the altar.
How about the reception? Involve children, relatives and friends, create a totally new party, and give vent to your imagination and your desire to celebrate a moment so full of memories and emotions! If you want to have your vow renewal in Italy, contact info@italianweddingplannerbygiorgia.it

Italian wedding planner by Giorgia