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Italy is the perfect destination for your honeymoon: Tuscany’s countryside with its poetic sunset, Venice, the most romantic city in the world, Amalfi Coast and Cinque Terre with their picturesque coasts and breathtaking views are all that you need to make your dreams come true!

Every couple’s dream is to have an amazing and unforgettable honeymoon. One of the most requested destination for honeymoons is, obviously, Italy.

Tuscany’s countryside, with its amazing landscapes, home of the most famous red wine in the world “Chianti” and the place where the best virgin olive oil comes; Amalfi Coast, in the south of Italy, known for its romantic Italian villages overlooking the sea and limoncello, the liquor made by the famous lemons of this area; Venice, the most romantic city of the world with its famous canals and gondolas; Florence, the city of art, Rome, the capital of the Roman Empire, Como Lake, with its fantastic blue deep waters and San Gimignano, the city of the hundreds towers are just some areas  proposed by italianweddingplannerbygiorgia as the perfect destination for your Italian honeymoon.

Italy is the perfect destination for a newly-weds couple willing to relax, discover ancient cities, enjoying good food & wine and celebrate their union in the most romantic country in the world!

italianweddingplannerbygiorgia is at your complete disposal to customize your honeymoon with her experience and knowledge of  the Italian territory, thanks to her activity as a wedding planner since 2007. italianweddingplannerbygiorgia is able to tailor made every request based on your needs, interests and preferences, always guaranteeing a high standard of quality, great professionalism, and completely in line with your budget.

italianweddingplannerbygiorgia will be happy to help you to customize your Italian honeymoon, suggesting you to choose among many destinations that our beautiful country has to offer: cities of art like Venice, Florence and Rome; islands and seas, like Sardinia, Cinque Terre and Amalfi Coast; countrysides immersed in nature; Como and Garda lakes… Just to mention you some of the most famous destinations of Italy, but with italianweddingplannerbygiorgia you can discover, thanks to her suggestion, little and less known Italian jewels. Apulia, with its amazing white beaches; how to not mention Capri, the most famous island of Italy; Bologna, the capital of food valley; the Dolomites and Alps for mountain lovers, with their amazing wild nature.

italianweddingplannerbygiorgia books for her clients only the best locations and services in order to let them enjoy their honeymoon with no stress and in completely relax.

italianweddingplannerbygiorgia provides useful suggestions and tips to make your experience in Italy an incredible and unforgettable honeymoon.

Your honeymoon should be relaxing, adventurous, cultural, or a mix of all these: choose one or more destinations you would like to visit, and let italianweddingplannerbygiorgia prepare your personalized itinerary.

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