Have you ever wished to truly realize the wedding of your dream? Do your dreams include sand, sea and a wonderful romantic atmosphere? This article will show you one of the many possibilities that you have. Try to imagine a warm day, with the sun that slowly falls under the level of the sea. The air is fresh but still warm. The smell of the sea fills the air. You and your lover are surrounded by beaches and the immensity of the sea. Sweet music spreads in the air and mix herself with the sound of the waves. If this idea fancy you, you should know that it’s absolutely easy to find the perfect place, when you know where to look. The answer is obviously Italy. The sun, the beach, the candles and the lanterns all create a fairy and romantic mood. A seaside wedding is the perfect choice for those who are still romantic and those who enjoy the beauty of nature. Everyone should take a break from the chaos of the city during one of the most important days in a person’s life.  You will love Italian coast and you will probably decide to extend your honeymoon there.

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Italian wedding planner by Giorgia