“I organized everything in secret. I was in Calabria on tour and I decided it was the perfect place to say yes again” said the actor.  Ronn Moss, the unforgettable Ridge Forrester in the infinite series ‘Beautiful’, must have thought so when he decided to organize a ceremony during his stay in Italy, and to make Roccella Jonica ( Reggio Calabria) the perfect location for the surprise. It was all truly unique even for his wife Devin, who became aware of the intention of her husband (who chose her dress) only the day before the ceremony, organized in detail according to the bride’s tastes: lavender predominant color, her favorite. Moss prepared everything with the help of experts, thinking of an elegant American-style celebration followed by a fish-based dinner and traditional Italian dishes that Moss is a lover of, accompanied by Tuscan and Apulian wines that served to toast to the couple in love just like ten years ago. Very romantic, isn’t it? If you want to renow your vows in Italy, contact info@italianweddingplannerbygiorgia.it

Italian wedding planner by Giorgia