Green wedding settings are constantly becoming more popular and the reasons are multiple. It is an eco-conscious move which reduces drastically the impact on nature and sometimes on the wallet too: choosing a minimalistic decoration for example, leaving the scene to the natural beauty of the selected place. One of the biggest ways to cut down on energy is to get married in open spaces like a farm or a vineyard, where the sun can provide lighting all day long. An example is Borgo Colognola, a precious jewel of Medieval architecture and one of the best wedding locations in Umbria. With its magical atmosphere and elegance, it offers the possibility to organize exclusive events. The village is nestled in a pristine landscape inside the Natural Park of Mount Tezio, among the vineyards and the olive groves of its farms, with a spectacular view of the typical Umbrian countryside. If you want to have your wedding ceremony in Italy and you’re looking for private services, such as private locations and private transfers, contact

Italian wedding planner by Giorgia