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The Alabaster town

Volterra is a famous medieval town perfectly preserved.

Over the centuries Velathri (as the Etruscans called it) got important also for the handicraft production of an ancient stone given to the city as a present by the sea… the alabaster. While passing along narrow lanes into sumptuous monumental squares, you will learn a great deal about the very original habits and culture of the Etruscans, a pre-roman civilization that settled in Tuscany as well as in most central Italy. Thanks to this walking tour, you will discover the beauties of this city, tracing the cultural and artistic heritage left by the Etruscans first, and the Romans later. You will visit the roman theater in a breathtaking panoramic side of the town, the late medieval and early Renaissance Piazza dei Priori, the majestic Medicean Fortress, raising right next to a charming and relaxing park and nowadays hosting a maximum-security prison.


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