Verona is hosting the Vinitaly exposition from April 6th to April 10th 2019. This is the 53th edition of the exposition, indeed it first took place in Verona in1967. Vinitaly is an international wine exposition and competition in which thousands of wine firms present their products every year and it is the biggest wine exposition in the world.

This year, more than 4,600 companies from 35 different countries are participating and, despite the show is restricted to wine professionals only, tickets are already sold-out. Specialists use it as a way to promote their products and make new agreements with companies around the world. In particular, Italian wine firms, especially the emerging ones, use the response their wines receive during the show to measure the health and success of the market. During the exposition various tastings are organized and wines are judged by a jury made of five members who will award the best wines with Grand Gold, Gold, Silver and Bronze medal.

During Vinitaly not only wines are exhibited, but there is also Sol&Agrifood an international exposition about olive oil, food and beer.

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