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Private Tours Underground in Italy

Ready for something different for your next trip in Italy? Venture underground in other parts of the city and you’ll discover Roman houses, temples, sewers and rivers – some of the city’s best-kept secrets. Italy Underground

Private Tours Underground in Italy | Catacombe | temples | rivers

Italy is more than meets the eye in a variety of ways. Its beauty is rooted in millenia of history, its culture in successive waves of empires and invaders, its cuisine a complex tapestry of heirloom and exotic. But if you want to dig beneath the surface to see the hidden side of Italy in the simplest sense, it’s enough to head underground.

Italy Underground – Lying underneath many of Italy’s cities is a vast warren of underground masterpieces, from crypts and catacombs to Etruscan burial grounds and Roman ruins. While most travellers to Italy limit themselves to the country’s sights above ground, sometimes the most fascinating side of the Bel Paese is what lies below.

Here are some of the most interesting “buried treasures” hidden underground in Italy:

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