We will visit the main monuments and churches of the oldest and still one of the most famous areas of the city. The Jewish Ghetto, located in a quiet corner of Venice, offers an opportunity to understand the tolerance and equality even in ancient times, here the Jewish community lived in contact with the population of the Republic of Venice.

Proceding through Campo dei Mori, you will discover some of the architectural and sculptural treasures of the city. You will then walk by the home of the famous painter Tintoretto and visit the church where he was baptized and buried after the walls were adorned with his masterpieces. The visit ends in the ancient Jewish ghetto. The word “Ghetto” is derived from the Venetian language and means “foundry” because it was built in places where there was a foundry. The name was later adopted worldwide. Here you will have the opportunity to visit the Jewish museum and synagogues.

Museum entrance fees are not included in the price of the tour.

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