The Pilgrimage of St. Filippo Neri, the 7 Churches.

Filippo Neri was a priest that was sanctified,  in the days of carnival, he used to distract the faithful from the executions of those days, bring them on pilgrimage. During the years this custom became much more important and  followed by numerous faithful. This pilgrimage touches the most important churches of Rome. It is called the tour of the 7 churches. The pilgrimage was initially made by St. Philip Neri in solitude or with some occasional  traveling companion . Then in 1559 it became a real religious custom for the Roman people. With this tour we retrace the key points of this religious journey and together with our guide we would have historical and religious news of the 7 basilicas that we are going to visit:

  •        San Pietro
  •        San Sebastiano
  •        San Paolo
  •        San Giovanni in Laterano
  •        Santa Croce in Gerusalemme
  •        San Lorenzo Fuori le Mura
  •        Santa Maria Maggiore


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