Siena is famous, besides its artistic treasures and the Palio horse race, also for its traditional sweets whose recipes have been passed down through the generations and centuries.  There are at least 3 “gems” that top the list of Siena’s pastry sweetness: the cavallucci, the ricciarelli and panforte. The Sieneses are proud of their local specialties, and the whole world that visits and tastes these morsels and delicacies appreciates them with great enthusiasm, especially during the Christmas holidays. Their origin dates back to ancient times, when monasteries and ancient spice shops where the home to culinary experiments. Recipes were based on the ingredients they had at the time, so the recipes can be seen as a sort of Darwinian “evolution” of cakes.

Taste these specialties in one of the most famous and ancient bakery in town!

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