Italian cured ham culture is well known around the world, and Parma is definitely the place to go to taste the best ham ever!

Parma ham is actually one of the best and most delicious meats in the world. Enjoy this educational tour and get to see how hams are made, from slicing it, to curing and even up until ageing. to learn all about prosciutto! The production of Parma is special since the beginning, from the origin of the meat which has different qualities due to the type of outdoor breeding, to the way it’s produced: worked by hand, using only salt and a long natural seasoning, enjoying exclusively the benefit of a special microclimate.

The tour lasts about 3 hours and includes a visit to the production process, a visit to the wood where the black pigs live and finally a visit to the museum and the shop where you can buy local products. A ham tasting is also included, accompanied by local cereal bread, cheese, dessert, coffee, a glass of wine and water.

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