Fresco, meaning fresh in Italian, is the revered art of painting on fast-drying damp plaster with water based pigments. During the Renaissance, fresco painting was considered the true test of an artist’s skill, since one had to finish before the plaster dried in order to ensure the adhesion of the image to the wall. During this 3-hour hands-on  Fresco Workshop, we’ll learn basic fresco technique from a local artist who is a master of fresco painting.

You will be guided by a passionate and experienced teacher in an inspiring and warm art school, located right in the heart of the city. Our teacher combine their passion for arts and teaching to let you live a memorable experience, giving you tips and advices to help you improve and develop your personal style and expression.  Your class program will be personalized to your needs, existing skills and objectives. You will be taken through the steps of preparing a surface, drawing and transferring a drawing (cartoon), and finally applying the paint. Be warned. It’s difficult. It’s also, however, a lot of fun! At the end, you’ll go home with our own hand-made fresco painting.  Basic material is provided.

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