The journey into ancient times starts by walking into the largest amphitheater in the ancient world, the Colosseum. During the visit, we will see where gladiators and fierce animals challenged each other unto death for the pleasure of the Emperors and the cheering audiences.

We’ll take a walk through what was then the center and heart of Ancient Rome, the Forum, visiting the Senate House, where the destiny of Rome and most of the Western world was decided. Then we’ll reach the Arch of Titus, which commemorates the Emperor’s victory over Jerusalem in 72 A.D and finally admire the Arch of Constantine, commemorating the conversion of pagan Rome to Christianity.

We will visit the Imperial Palace on top of the Palatine Hill, one of the historical seven hills, where Romulus founded the ancient city of Rome. To complete this journey through ancient Roman times, we’ll drive by the famous Circus Maximus and the Theater of Marcello (a forerunner of the Colosseum). Our tour ends in Piazza Venezia to admire the huge marble monument dedicated to King Victor Emmanuel II, built at the turn of the last century.

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