A spectacular tour inside the studios of Cinecittà to discover the secrets of the cinema, tracing the history of Cinecittà studios: the sets, costumes, actors, directors, producers – who passed here, which has been called the “dream factory”.

The tour reproduces each specific phase of film-making, from script to post production, reviewing the work and crafts of the people involved in the realization of the finished work.

In the room devoted to the costumes you can admire the talents of costume designers and fashion houses, their inventiveness and skills. A tour is also very interesting for children, with the area called “Cinebimbi”, a section dedicated to them, with the laboratory where they can experiment, play and have fun with creative activities and games, designed especially to introduce children to the movies and to imagination.

The design of a story, character creation, the magic of the costumes become key points of a wonderful game, in which the young film-makers can exercise their imagination. So much fun to discover the secrets of making a film and live an experience to players.

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