The Certosa di San Martino is located on the Vomero hill near Castel Sant ‘Elmo.

Charles of Anjou started the building of the monastery began in 1325, in 1580 it was expanded and in 1623 the architects Dosio and Fanzago began an almost total reconstruction, making the church the best example of Neapolitan Baroque. La Certosa includes the cemetery of the monks, the monastery of the prosecutors, the great cloister and the church.

The vault has its original frame of the 14th century, here the beautiful frescoes and paintings of the same period made by Giovanni Lanfranco, Caracciolo, Finoglio, Reni, Ribera and Stanzione. The Chapel of Mary Magdalene, the Choir Conversi, the sacristy and the fresco of the Treasury are very well preserved. In the 1866 Giuseppe Fiorelli founded the National Museum of San Martino.

The historical section includes paintings, sculptures, furniture, medals, miniatures, coins, decorations, weapons and relics of the political, economical and social development of the kingdom of Naples. The Gallery of the Paintings contains important works of Neapolitan painting of the sixteenth and seventeenth century. Some of the most important items in the collection are from the Nativity Scene of 19th century.

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