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From March 24th 2020 to January 10th 2021, the city of Rome, will host an event for the 500th year of Raffaello’s death.
In this occasion, the Domus Aurea, the ancient residence of the imperator Nerone, will be opened to the public. Many buildings, gardens and an artificial lake were located in this residence, along with paintings and golden decorations. After Nerone’s death, his successors wanted to erase his memory and destroyed his palace.
Around 1480, some painters found the forgotten ruins of the imperial palace of Nerone and, in 1496, the term “grotesque” was coined to define the various decorative systems of painting, buried in the caves of Domus Aurea.
The famous artist Raffaello, studied those methods and employed them in many of his works such as the Vatican Loggias.


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