The 7 best places for Tiramisù in Rome

Travelling is getting lost in the beauty and variety of the world.

One of the best things of travelling is genuinely engaging with the local culture; learning to live and think with the eyes of a local. The city is no longer a set of buildings, but it evolves in something full of life. It becomes an experience. Speaking of Italy, there is one fundamental rule to know.

  1. FLAVIO (AL VELAVEVODETTO E AI QUIRITI): Flavio’s tiramisu is so addictive. Butter biscuits specially prepared for the purpose, coffee, cocoa powder (put here and not on top otherwise creates “dryness” effect on the taste buds … as the chef says!), Mascarpone cream and dark chocolate on top.
  2. ZUM: In a year, Zum was able to win the hearts of many fans of tiramisu. The small restaurant with a laboratory is located near Campo de ‘Fiori, in Piazza del Teatro di Pompeo. Why is the name Zum wondering? Simple, it stands for Sugar, Eggs and Mascarpone!
  3. L’ ASINO D’ ORO: The tiramisu of Lucio Sforza to L’Asino d’Oro in its kind has no rivals and you know why? Because replacing the biscuits with some white slices of bread managed to create a version that only his magic touch can replicate. You can also admire the effect in the picture.
  4. FARO, LUMINARI DEL CAFFE’: Faro is a recent opening discovered and told for breakfast by our Raffaella. With their attention to quality on coffee and to the happiness of the customers enters right in our top also for tiramisu, here in cappuccino cup format.
  5. LE TRE ZUCCHE: Here the tiramisu is prepared in a mini (coffee cup) or normal (cappuccino cup) version. So hot coffee on the bottom, incomparable mascarpone cream and last but not least a “potion” made of grains and cocoa that makes it unique.
  6. OSTERIA DELL’ ARCO: Classic formula with well-matched ingredients, but served in a crispy pastry waffle that makes it particularly attractive! It is not always in paper, but when there is no need to get away.
  7. ROMEO CHEF & BAKER: Cristina Bowerman’s creativity has transformed the tiramisu into a sphere of ladyfingers soaked in chocolate-coated coffee, filled with English cream with mascarpone and cream, with Marsala’s air to complete the dish.