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Rome World, live the experience of an ancient roman legionnaire

A few steps away from Rome, a new amusement park opens, which will go children and adults crazy. It is a theme park, surrounded by nature and open air, designed to introduce you to the world of ancient Rome. In fact, you will know how the ancient Romans lived.

Live one day as an ancient Roman! There are many activities to do, you’ll be spoilt for choice … :

  • Gladiator for a day, under the guidance of a professional you will learn how to use the Gladius and know the fighting techniques used by the Romans
  • Chariot race, for cinema fans, every 30 minutes it will be possible to make a chariot race on the original set of Ben-Hur, a historic colossal still much loved today
  • The Flight of the Eagle, it will allow you to get to know this raptor, located in the special area of the Rapacious Arena. It will be possible to take some souvenir photos and if you want you can take them to the forest and make them fly
  • Educational farm, all the animals of the farm are waiting for you to interact with you and you will be explained how to feed them correctly
  • Eat like the ancient Romans, taste the street food and dine at the “Taberna”, the park’s restaurant
  • Sleep in the village, thanks to the camp 2000 years ago, you can sleep in a real Roman legionnaire’s tent, 2 or 4 places and you will be provided with sheets and blankets

If all of this is not enough, you can also learn archery or take a walk in the nature.

For the evening do not make any commitments because the agenda is full of shows! Between the challenge between the mighty gladiators and the flight of the birds of prey you won’t be bored for a minute. To end the day with fun, there is also a party and dinner in the “village”.

written by #stefanosghinolfi

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