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In August 30th, Santo Palumbo, an Italian comedian, saw something strange floating in the water and warned immediately the police to recover the object.
Palumbo was spending a day at the beach with his son, both related by the passion of fishing. This allowed them to discover near them an object with a protruding part. As they could not see it, very well, they could not define what that thing was precisely and they classified it as an amphora.
It has been discovered in the Ionian Sea in 2019, the same waters where the Riace bronzes have been discovered in 1972. The analysis made on the amphora, demonstrated that it was an amphora of millenary history. Shortly after, special squads divers, with the help of the Marine brought to light the important artefact, revealed as a furnace. A remarkable aspect is about its state of conservation: there were found inside some traces of carbon. The artifact has been taken to Roccelletta di Borgia, Calabria, where experts will perform further analysis.

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