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Public transports in Italy

How to move in Italy with public transports.

If you come on holiday to Italy and you want to visit different places from north to south, or move around the Italian cities- there are different public transports available for you to reach your destinations.

From a city to another:

  • TRAIN: If you want to visit different Italian cities, to move from one to another, and save time, we recommend you to take advantage of Italian rail transport. The Italian high-speed rail network allows you to move easily throughout the peninsula, reaching Italian cities in a very short time and in comfort, taking advantage of numerous on-board services such as free Wi-Fi, catering, assistance for the disabled, childcare, animal transport and bicycles. You can plan your travels, for tourism or business, choosing from more than three hundred daily connections provided by the two companies operating in Italy: “Trenitalia” and “Italo Treno” (NTV).“Frecciarossa trains” connect Turin-Milan-Bologna-Rome-Naples-Salerno with high-speed rail routes. Frecciarossa trains reach speeds up to 360 km per hour. 


Public transports in Italy train

“Frecciargento trains” connect Rome-Venice-Verona-Bari/Lecce-Lamezia Terme/ReggioCalabria on high-speed and traditional lines. Frecciargento trains reach speeds up to 250 km/h. “Frecciabianca trains” connect Milan to Venice, Udine and Trieste; Genoa and Rome; and as far as Bari and Lecce on traditional railway lines. Frecciabianca trains can reach speeds up to 200 km/h. All the rail stations are located in the city centre.


  • PLANE: Domestic flight is recommended if you are on holiday around Italy and you want to visit the beautiful landscapes of southern Italy, due to the poor railway connection from the north part of Italy with the south area. Using domestic flight to move from north to south of Italy is easy, fast and cheap.
Public transports in Italy plane

Inside the city

  • BUS: It’s the perfect public transport if you want to move around the cities, and you want to enjoy its panoramic view.
  • UNDERGROUND: In “Italy” there are only seven cities with this public transport (Milan, Rome, Turin, Naples, Genoa, Brescia and Catania) The advantage of the underground is that you can move in different parts of the city without traffic and it is a very fast transfer.
    All the main attraction of every city are near the underground stations.
  • FERRY BOAT: If you want to visit the beautiful “Italian island” you have the opportunity to take the ferry boat. Sardinia Island, Sicily, Aeolians, Capri, Ischia, and all the minor Italian island are connected by ferry boat lines.
  • TRAM: (electric buses) Many Italian cities offer tram public transport that connects different parts of the city.
  • TAXI: If you want to move in a comfortable way inside the city, taxi is the best choice! It is easy to find around and you have the possibility to book it by telephone (in every Italian city there is a telephone number dedicated 7/24). It’s recommended to take the official taxi! (not the abusive one), that is the white car with the sign “taxi” above.


Public transports in Italy Bus


Public transports in Italy metro

Ferry Boat

Public transports in Italy ferry boat


Public transports in Italy tram


Public transports in Italy taxi

Not all these transports offer different services for people with disabilities. If you are a wheelchair user it is recommended to contact company specialized in accessible transfer. https://www.romeanditaly.com/accessible/

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