Most beautiful italian parks and gardens in 2018

Most beautiful italian parks and gardens in 2018

Italy is known worldwide as “the beautiful country”. This nickname is not only for its artistic variety and abundance but also for the beauty of its landscapes. Once you have visited Italy, you can never forget its green and flourishing scenery, its delicious food and its warm weather.

Italian gardens and parks are now, like in the past, great places for events and festivals. But one should never forget that they are also protagonists of poetry and literature from our italian tradition. They are full of charm and mystery because of their origin, both real and fictitious. Although it was really difficult to establish a ranking of the best parks, the XVI edition of the contest “The italian best park” have chosen “Villa Cornaro Revedin Bolasco” in the province of Treviso and “Villa Torrigiani”, in the province of Lucca.

  • Villa Cornaro Revedin Bolasco was chosen for the category “Public parks”. It was built in the distant 1852, thanks to the major of Castelfranco. A walk through the park allow the visitators to enjoy and see bodies of water, a great variety of plants, tree and ancient architectures as the villa itself, stables, greenhouses and the “Cavana”, a deposit of ships. The masterpiece is the equestrian arena with sculptures from the XVII century. The garden is named “a Paradise”.

  Most beautiful italian parks and gardens in 2018

  • Villa Torrigiani was chosen for the category “Private parks”. It is also recognised as national monument. The Marquis Nicolao Santini, ambassador of Lucca at the court of Louis XIV, turned it in its mansion in Tuscany. The mansion welcomed french presidents, ministers, queens and lyrical singers. The Villa is named “a green jewel”. The baroque garden has many fountains, water features and a great flower bed area with the wonderful sculpture of a goddess. The collection of Camelie makes this place a botanic masterpiece.

 villa torrigiani

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