Accessible Spa Resort near Rome

Accessible Spa Resort near Rome

Are you dreaming of a relaxing journey in the fascinating Rome? Are you sick and tired of the same boring tours? Have you ever looked with interest and curiosity at the many thermal spring waters, opened in Rome since the time of the Roman Empire?

Accessible Spa Resort near Rome | Rome and Italy

You can probably easily recognize yourself in one of these desires, but it’s also true that you could maybe be afraid that this place could be full of architectonical barriers, which would make you stop dreaming it! But spa centres are a Roman tradition since ancient times and nobody should miss the occasion of experiencing it.

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Acque Albule is the perfect answer for you, because it is a totally accessible SPA resort in Rome, which was completely renewed with structures without barriers. People with different needs can here enjoy a full day (or more) in a wonderful relaxing and refined atmosphere.

Everyone needs to take a break from the chaos of ordinary life and work and just relax by feeling pampered.

Accessible Spa Resort near Rome | Rome and Italy

Thermal spring waters are also very important for health. Roman thermal spring waters are renowned for their medical and therapeutic qualities. The Albule waters are sulfuric and can be used as side help for dermatologic diseases, cardiovascular diseases, orthopaedic problems and many more.

 The location offers four thermal pools, two for children and two for adults and waterfalls for natural whirlpool. The water temperature is 23° during all the year.

You can here enjoy many treatments, like balneotherapy, sauna, Beauty Centre advise, physiotherapy help, Fitness – Mineral water treatments, massage therapy, heliotherapy and many specific more that you can always check on the dedicated website.

The beauty and medical centre offer professional staff, that will be always available for questions and help. You can also book here medical treatments.

The centre includes also an hotel and a restaurant that you can book for extend your journey. You can also book special packages and special events that the staff routinely organizes:

Acque Albule is located close to the beautiful Villa Adriana in Tivoli. After a relaxing holiday you have the occasion to visit the wonderful imperial residence of Adriano and the city of Tivoli, which is an important commercial and touristic city, well-knew for its breath-taking views.

Our staff can also provide you with all the equipment that you need, like for example different kind of wheelchairs, electric, manual and shower chair with small or big wheels. We provide private accessible vehicles equipped with ramp to bring you to this amazing accessible spa. For more information about all the services that we offer please check the dedicated website or contact us sending an email to .


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