Accessible Priscilla Catacomb

Accessible Priscilla Catacomb

Catacombs are underground Christian or Ebraic cemeteries that look like intricate labyrinths of galleries. Catacombs are usually inaccessible, dark and tight.

Accessible Priscilla Catacomb

People who suffer of claustrophobia or reduced mobility could not take part of the journey in the past. Today the majority of Catacomb, especially Priscilla Catacomb, has been turned accessible for everybody. Everyone can now enjoy the atmosphere of dark mystery and history and walk through very ancient paths. Natività-Catacombe-Priscilla-RomaThere you can observe the importance of art and religion for the ancient Christians. Indeed, many paintings still remain extraordinary vivid from the 270 D.C.

Priscilla Catacombs include the Galleries of the Cemetery, the Cubiculum of the Veiled Woman, the Greek Chapel and the Niche with the oldest image in existence of the Virgin Mary, which is a very meaningful Christian relic.

The Galleries of the Cemetery are made of tufo and extend themselves on different floor for a distance of 8 km. The walls are full of cubicula, were the deadly body were buried.

Priscilla Catacombs are also sacred places, destinations of Christian peregrines from all over the world. The sacred sites are San Silvestro Basilic and the hypogeum of Acili.

The catacombs are famous for the mixture of history, religion and mystery. It’s a vert particular and rich experience to have once in Rome!

The temperature inside is 13 degrees, therefore we recommend to dress adequately.


The Priscilla Catacombs are located in Rome, Via Salaria 430, well connected with Metro lines and bus. For more information about the calendar, the specific location and how to arrive there please check the dedicated website.

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Visited tours are obligatory and can be organized in different languages, consequently people cannot visit the catacombs in autonomy. We always recommend to book in advance the private tour in the language of self-preference. 


The entrance ticket is free for disabled people and their attendants but it’s important to book in advance in order to organize and set the special entrance at best.

Our staff can also provide you with all the equipment that you need, like for example different kind of wheelchairs, electric and manual. We provide private vehicles at disposition for daily excursions and tours. For more information about all the services that we offer please check the dedicated website.

We hope to help you soon with more information.



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