Accessible sophisticated restaurants in Rome - Food Tour

Accessible sophisticated restaurants in Rome | Food Tour

Accessible sophisticated restaurants in Rome | Food Tour

Italy is worldwide renowned for its food tradition. There are so many good restaurants in Rome that man cannot easily decide where to go to taste the best dish of his journey.

The great news is that lately many virtuous restaurants made aware of disability and built accessible restaurant. People with disability can now enjoy a delightful dinner with their friends and family without worrying about practical issues like hard accesses or transfers. According to the notorious site “The fork”, which made a detailed list, here are the best accessible restaurants in Rome. Below the restaurants that we tested personally.

This are very expensive and sophisticated accessible locations:

  • La Terrazza: The restaurant takes life in a wide and elegant terrace on the last floor of an Hotel, where clients can enjoy the wonderful night-sight of Rome. The Restaurant obtained one-star Michelin. The chef proposes Mediterranean dishes, with the wish of respecting the variety and seasonal nature of the supply of fresh products. The gourmet menu includes, for example, dishes like Cacio and pepe Spaghetti with roses petals and many more. The medium price for person is 150€. The Restaurant is located in the street “Ludovisi”, near the renewed and refined via Veneto. The restaurant is accessible and provided of proper elevators and specialised toilets.

Accessible sophisticated restaurants in Rome - Food Tour


  • Perpetual: The Restaurant offers a classy location. There are huge stained glasses, to let clients to have lunch or dinner in front of the square. Upstairs people can taste delightful wine. The kitchen is visible and clients can look at the process of cooking. The chef proposes a very particular and different kind of cooking. He creates innovative mixtures of tastes. The menu includes for example dishes like “Balfego” which is Tuna Carpaccio, raspberry and asparagus lattuga and many more. The medium price for person is 70€. The Restaurant is located in Iside Square near the Colosseum. The ground floor is completely accessible. The restaurant is provided of specialised toilets.




  • Acquolina: The Restaurant is inside a five-star hotel that hosts also an art gallery. The chef proposes creative and colourful dishes, like for example “Salmoriglio”, which include raw white fish, roman broccoli, black truffle, in order to create a particular mixture of tastes. The location is elegant and refined. The medium price for person is 40€. The Restaurant is located in Via Vantaggiata, near Piazza del Popolo. The restaurant is accessible at the ground floor.

acquolina-filosofia-05 (1)



All these restaurants can offer you an unforgettable food experience. For more information about the booking and menu please check the online-website of the restaurants.


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