Celebrate Thanksgiving Day 2018 in Italy!

Celebrate Thanksgiving Day 2018 in Italy!

Celebrate Thanksgiving Day 2018 in Italy!

Are you a tourist in Italy and don’t want to give up any of your traditions? This is the right place for you!

Celebrate Thanksgiving Day 2018 in Italy!

If you are American and love Thanksgiving Day, on 22 November there is nothing you have to give up on. Bring your friends and family with you and celebrate it, as you never did, in one of the most beautiful countries in the world: Italy.

We are going to provide you with a list of restaurants, situated in Florence and Rome, so that you can still eat the traditional turkey and feel like you are home, but still surrounded by an atmosphere only Italy can give you.

Let us move on to the most important thing now: Thanksgiving dinner.

Do not forget that if you need a transfer to the restaurant, or want to go around the city for a tour before eating your dinner, you can mail us at info@romeanditaly.it and we will be glad to help you!

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If you are in Florence, these are the best restaurants for you:

  1. Gilò Pianobar

Gilò Pianobar florence


For a 40 euros total, your menu will include mac and cheese, stuffed turkey, caramelized pumpkin and an apple pie. And, guess what? Wines are included!

To make it all feel “warmer”, piano will play your background music.

  1. Borgo


This dinner will cost you 40 euros. It is situated in the heart of San Frediano and it is a gourmet restaurant. Your Thanksgiving Dinner will include corn cream with mushrooms and bacon, pumpkin and leek cream with caramelized pears, stuffed turkey and blackberry sauce, sweet potatoes puree and pumpkin pie. Wines are included.


  1. Hard Rock Café


There is nothing that could better represent an American tradition like Thanksgiving Day, than an American chain of restaurants.

Their menu consists of a classic one, which includes a corn cream with bacon, a stuffed turkey with mashed potatoes, fresh vegetables and blueberry sauce. The desert is a pumpkin pie with whipped cream, and you can choose between three menus:

  • 33 euros, with alcohol free drinks and beer
  • 28 euros, only alcohol free drinks
  • 15 euros, menu for kids

If you are in Rome, these are the best restaurants for you:

  1. Vivi Bistrot


A bistrot situated in Piazza Navona, which will provide you with a menu including: pumpkin cream with goat and homemade croutons, stuffed turkey with gravy sauce, mashed potatoes and beans with garlic, ginger and sesame seeds. In addition, you will get a cornbread, brownies and pumpkin pie with a blackberry chutney. The menu is 40 euros each, and it does not include drinks.

  1. Hotel Capo D’Africa

Hotel Capo D’Africa

Attico Bistrot, the restaurant situated on Hotel Capo D’Africa’s last floor, will provide you with a 40-euro dinner each and it includes pumpkin cream, chestnuts and cornbread, stuffed turkey with citrus fruits, sweet cream potatoes and Brussels sprouts with honey. Last but not least, a pecans pie with maple syrup. Two wine glasses are included.

  1. Bakery House


You can find it in Corso Trieste, Ponte Milvio or Eur area. Here your menu will cost 40 euros each, including water, wine and service at tables. You can choose the dishes you want to try, between an entrée, a main dish, a side dish and a dessert. Some examples are pumpkin cream, stuffed turkey, apple pecan rice for vegans, cheesecake and many others.

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