Accessible Gardaland

Accessible Gardaland

Accessible Gardaland

The notorious amusement park in North Italy, near Verona, is making great steps forward the creation of an inclusive and accessible location for all. In 2016, the project “Gardaland 4all” had great success. Everyone can now enjoy an exciting day in one of the most fairy locations in Italy.

The concern about this theme has been brought forward since 2016 and this year the main association involved in disability (physical, sensorial and cognitive) and the staff of Gardaland have organised a great meeting to speak about the improvement and upgrading of the Park in theme of accessibility.

The guests have visited the park on their own before as “mystery guest” and in that occasion, they were able to check the accessibility of the attractions, as for instance the famous “Black Hole”, “Oblivion”, the “Corsairs” and the “Mammut”.  Afterwards they spoke in a round-table to bring to light critical practical issues and to give suggestions.  Everyone confirmed to be extremely happy about the initiative and the raise of awareness on disability between the citizens. These days meant more than a simple holiday. They were actually a mixture of fun, sharing and discussion. Some suggestions were the creation of an inclusive playing-area for all, a guide-dog area and a place to relax after the participation to the many attractions.

The main improvements are:

  • The introduction of “Easy Rider” a service that creates a personalised itinerary for the different needs of everyone.
  • The creation of a Welcome desk, which welcome people with disability and give them the main information.
  • A priority card for disabled people at access point
  • 3 specialised guides for the different kind of disability (physical, sensorial and cognitive)
  • A convention between Gardaland and Coordown Onlus to regulate the security and access to the attractions.

The accessibility to many attractions has increased a lot. There are 34/34 accessible attractions for sensory disability, 29/34 for cognitive disability, 22/34 for physical disability. For more detailed information about the exactly list of accessible attraction please check the official guide of the Park. Gardaland’s staff is absolutely fond to say that their park is the first to guarantee a dedicated program for people with different needs.

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