Pixar exhibition in Rome

Pixar exhibition in Rome | activity for children

Pixar exhibition in Rome | activity for children

We are glad to announce that something extraordinary is finally happening in Rome.

Pixar exhibition in Rome

Rome is particularly proud to host the great exhibition of Pixar Animation Studios, edited by Elyse Klaidman and Maria Grazia Mattei for the Italian edition.  Can you remember all that wonderful animated films that was able to bring to laugh, move to tears or cause fear to both children and adults? Have you ever felt attracted by that colourful world or have you ever envied those artists that was part of the creative production of it? If your answer is yes, you have finally the chance to get closer to that world. The event takes place in the Palace of Exhibitions from 8 October 2018 and it will last until 20 January 2019.

Pixar exhibition in Rome

Pixar Animation Studios has been a worldwide known film production company since its first film “Toy Story” in 1986. Pixar is specialised in digital animation and his products are extremely loved by people of all ages.   The main characteristic of Pixar’s products is the use of both traditional artistic tools (like finger paint, pencils, pastels and sculpture) and digital tools. The result is a successful mixture of the old and the new that is able to fascinate both old and new generations.

The exhibition was idealised by Fabio Fornasaro. The artistic path is a voyage into the universe of the Studios and analyses three fundamental elements of a film: The story, the characters and the world. On Exhibition will be also digital videos and more than 400 works of art like sketches, drawings, storyboards.

Pixar exhibition in Rome

During the months of the exhibition, the Cinema Room inside the Palace of Exhibitions will offer visitors the opportunity to watch again the best masterpieces of Pixar, from Toy Story to “The Incredibles 2”, including also, for example, Inside Out, The Brave, Coco, Wall-e, Monsters and Co. and many others. A genuine voyage through past, creativity and childhood. This could be also a chance for adults to take a break from the chaos and the problems of theirs chaotic life.

However, the surprises do not end here. There will be indeed many more little events.  There will be meetings with experts to talk about the profession and education of an artist and the creative method and children and families will be invited to take part at special workshops and tours. After the animated tour, visitors will enter the Cube, a special part of the tour dedicated to 3D Animation and narration.

With the expenditure of little money, you can have all of this. The Exhibition is a real opportunity to spend some different and beautiful time with family and friends. We suggest you to check out the official site of the Exhibition to know precisely the date and times of the events you are most interested in. 


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