Best cities to spend Carnival in Italy

Best cities to spend Carnival in Italy

Best cities to spend Carnival in Italy

Have you ever enjoyed Carnival in Italy? Do you know which the best city to enjoy this event are? Here are all the answers that you need to know.

Carnival is a catholic festivity that celebrates the start of Quaresima. Italians usually celebrate Carnival in public squares with colourful and fantastical events.  Every Italian city has a different kind of Carnival, but they all transmit ancient traditions, typical characters and situations.  Therefore, when you are in Italy around February, you should absolutely stop in one of the following city to appreciate one of the best Carnival of your life.

Venetian: Venetian Carnival is renowned all over the world thanks to his great charm. Venetian water canals become full of colourful boats and the citizens organize great joyful marches, demonstrations on water and historical re-enactment. People feel like they are in different fantastical country, the ones from theirs fairy tales of childhood. People walk around the city with stunning colourful dresses and amazing costumes, they throw colourful and lively confetti in the air, play music and laugh. Those who do not dress up, wear anyway the traditional charming Venetian mask. The Carnival covers all the city alleys. The festivity officially starts with the traditional “Fly of the angel” from “San Marco” square, when a young, beautiful artist falls through a wire from the bell tower to the joyful crowd. When you mostly love chaotic, colourful events on water, Venetian Carnival is for you.


Viareggio: Viareggio Carnival is judged as the most important in the world. His fundamental theme is political and social satire. Drawings and characters on the enormous papier-mache wagon express satirical ideas. The wagons are built in the “Carnival citadels”, a specialised area of the city for the conservations and creations of objects and gadget for Carnival. The festivity officially starts with three sounds of cannon from the sea. When you particularly enjoy satirical events, Viareggio Carnival is for you.

Carnival Viareggio


Cento: Cento Carnival is twinned with Rio Carnival and assumes many of his characteristic. The singing and dancing remain the most fundamental parts of the event, but only Samba dancing school are allowed to take part of the event. The allegorical wagon are huge and spectacular and people traditionally throw from that puppets and dolls. It ends with the stake of Tasi, typical traditional mask of the city. When you like a mixture of different cultures, Cento Carnival is for you.

Cento carnival

Ivrea: Ivrea organizes a noticeably typical historical Carnival. The city revives the popular uprising organized by the daughter of a miller against a baron that used to starve the entire population. The rebellion is revived with the battle of oranges on the Mardi Gras, with two factions. One faction represents citizens, who are disarmed and throw oranges against the opposite faction, those of fighters on wagon.  When you mainly appreciate historical, traditional and popular events, Ivrea Carnival is for you.

Ivrea Carnival

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