Caffè Sant’Eustachio



Travelling is getting lost in the beauty and variety of the world.

One of the best things of travelling is genuinely engaging with the local culture; learning to live and think with the eyes of a local. The city is no longer a set of buildings, but it evolves in something full of life. It becomes an experience. Speaking of Italy, there is one fundamental rule to know.

When you want to live like an Italian, you must drink Italian espresso.  

“I followed my heart and it led me to a Café.” This could easily be a typical Italian sentence.

Coffee exists now in different variations: with sugar, milk other cocoa. However, those who truly love Coffee prefer it black, short and bitter. You should now get absolutely off the beaten track and starting to see Rome through the eye of an Italian.  Are you ready to discover with us the best places where you can enjoy for the first time (or the hundredth time) the true Italian blood?

1 Caffè Sant’Eustachio

This is considered the best roman coffee that you could ever taste. The coffee served here is created by a secret mixture, 100 % Arabic from South America.

Caffè Sant’Eustachio


2 La casa del Caffè Tazza d’oro

The first enemy of Sant’Eustachio. The café is located near the Pantheon and it is always full of people in any moment of the day.

La casa del Caffè Tazza d’oro Roma

3 Antico Caffè Greco

A sophisticated and historic Café in Rome. In the distant past, it was a meeting place of artist and politicians. It is now a bit expensive but you can taste an exquisite “coffee at the counter” without spending a fortune.

 Antico Caffè Greco


4 Castroni

This is one of the most famous grocery store in Rome, founded in 1932. Here you can buy a great variety of mixture. The smell of Coffee, which you will breathe inside the local, is delicious and intense and it will make you desire to taste a cup of coffee.

Castroni Caffè Roma



5 Antico Caffè della pace

This is an historic local in Rome, founded in the distant 1700.  After a while, the Café became a meeting place of artists and musicians. Now the local is truly evocative thanks to his interior vintage design. At night, you can also eat, drink, and taste his wonderful Coffee. Here you will chill out with your friend with live lovely music, played by a roman Dj.

 Antico Caffè della pace

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