Duration: Half day
Location: Venice
Language: English. Other languages on request.

Secret Passages of the Doge’s Palace

Discover the secret passages of the Doge’s Palace with an expert guide on an entertaining  tour of one of the most famous monuments in Venice.

Not accessible with the standard guided tour, these secret corridors inside the Dogi’s palace offer a fascinating and interesting approach to the most secret rooms. At the conclusion of the visit to the Secret Itineraries can continue the normal course of the Palazzo Ducale.

From Notary Ducale rooms a staircase leads to the beautiful Hall of the Secret Chancellery. After visiting the room of the Regent to the Chancellery you’ll pass to the torture chamber or House of Torment, which was connected directly to the prisons through the bridge of sighs . From the room of torture then to the area of Leads. The name derives from the lead plates that cover the roof. Some cells were arranged here, reserved for prisoners of the Council of Ten, mainly accused of political crimes, not trials for long sentences, serious crimes or detained prisoners awaiting for trial.

The six or seven cells were obtained by dividing the space of the loft with wooden partitions, densely nailed and strengthened by large sheets of iron. Described by Giacomo Casanova, who was detained there, the Leads offered to prisoners much better conditions than those convicted in the Prison of the Wells, the terrible cells on the ground floor of Palazzo Ducale. The two cells of Casanova have been rebuilt, are part of the tour like the attic. The Hall of the Inquisitors, the Sala dei Tre Capi, the latter through a secret passage  housed in wood, the Hall of the Council of Ten, coming in the normal course of the visit of the palace.



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