Duration: Half day
Location: Venice
Language: English. Other languages on request.
Accessibility info: Spaces inside the tower are very small and grow on different levels connected by steep and narrow stairs: NOT accessible to those with walking problems and it is NOT recommended for those suffering from claustrophobia, vertigo, or cardio-respiratory disturbances. Also NOT suitable for pregnant women. Children under 6 years old are NOT allowed.
Note: All our tours are PRIVATE, not sharing with other guests

Clock Tower Tour – Venice 

The Tower of the Moors known as the “clock tower” is one of the most famous architectural monuments of Venice. It is placed as if it were a triumphal arch at the beginning of the most important commercial street of the city, the famous “Ancient Haberdashery“. His great astronomical clock, a masterpiece of engineering and technique, is an element that has distinguished the city of Venice for five hundred years, marking the passage of time. The visit, possible only with reservation and a specialist escort, winds up the five floors of the tower.

After the first stone stairs you reach a room not very large from which you will be explained the history of the tower and the operation of the complicated machine that moves the clock. Another staircase will take us upstairs, here we find the wooden Statues of the Magi and that of the Angel, also we can see the two precious doors from where, in the days of Epiphany and Ascension, the complex of statues comes out in a procession.

The interior of the tower has very small spaces developed on different levels all connected by steep and very narrow ladders: for these reasons the visit cannot be carried out by those who have problems of claustrophobia or mobility problems, not recommended for those who suffer from dizziness, or of Cardio-respiratory disorders. Children under 6 years old are not allowed.



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