Palazzo Barberini, the house of the National Gallery of Ancient Art in Rome, has reacquired 10 rooms that were used by the Italian Air Force until a couple of years ago. These rooms, located at the south wing on the noble floor, were restored and converted into a museum that will hold many works of art, belonging to the Neapolitan 17th and 18th centuries, never seen or rarely seen before. At the beginning, only 78 pieces of art will be exhibited including painting, views, works of the Grand Tour painters and those given by Lemme family, but also some sculptures and objects. Then, other works will be added to the exhibit.

Moreover, in this new project, some rooms will host masterpieces that will be replaced by others every six months so that every work can be exhibited, in particular the rooms about the Neapolitan painting and Pompeo Batoni will host works by Bernardo Cavallino, Francesco Solimena and many more artists.

The restoration of these rooms is part of a general renovation of the museum that includes new lighting and captions, but also a new ticket office, a bookshop and a coffee bar.


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