When we talk about Rome and its historical heritage we can think about a lot of monuments, buildings and other stuff that you can see when you take a walk in its street. However, there are some that are still unknown to many people, even Romans. One of them is the Mausoleum of Monte del Grano, located under a little hill of olive trees in Piazza dei Tribuni. Even though there aren’t many details about its history and who made it build, it looks like it was built during the 2nd century AD and the sarcophagus found within the mausoleum belong to an important member of the imperial family. There are no doubts that visiting the mausoleum has to be part of everyone’s “things-to-see” list, since beyond its original structure there are remains of ancient shutters and travertine blocks.

The building is open to the public, but only small groups of people guided by a tourist guide can enter.


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