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Matera, located in the Southern Italian region of Basilicata, has been awarded this year the title of European Capital of Culture in Italy. Haunting and beautiful, the Sassi sprawl stands on the rim of a ravine like a giant nativity scene. At first sight it appears as a jumble of faded stones (in fact “sassi” means “stones” in Italian), with narrow alleys and stairways and streets which sometimes function as rooftops, but behind the house-like facades there are indeed simple caves inhabited since Paleolithic times. The ancient city of Matera is steeped in history and is home to this designed UNESCO World Heritage Site dating back to more than 7000 years ago. Matera, as a consequence of this award, has now four years to curate a programme of installations, activities and events which must have a lasting impact and contribute to the long-term development of the city. The best way to experience Matera is to wander through the labyrinthine alleys of the two Sassi districts, Sasso Barisano and Sasso Caveoso, where history is etched in the cave dwellings, in the pale stones underfoot, in the enormous water cisterns below and in the many rock churches and individual hermitages cut into the ravine.

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