Macron visits Domus Aurea

Macron visits Domus Aurea

Italian PM, French president discuss new treaty on relations

Domus Aurea Macron

Italian Premier Paolo Gentiloni and French President Emmanuel Macron on Thursday met at Rome’s Palazzo Chigi for talks after visiting Emperor Nero’s famed Domus Aurea (Golden House) in the city center, together with Culture Minister Dario Franceschini.
During the visit, Macron told reporters that he liked Rome “very much”.
Macron is in Rome for talks on a “Quirinal Treaty” aimed at boosting bilateral relations.
A six-member panel has been tasked with drafting the treaty aimed at ensuring that the two countries work together “in a systematic way”, according to Italian sources The treaty will also reportedly have a strong European orientation to contribute to the renewal of the European Union.

The Domus Aurea is an amazing site, ordered by the Imperor Nerone, after the fire of 64 d.C. It has been closing since 2006 because of safety measures.
Through the worksite, the tourists are going to visit a lot of rooms which have never be seen, such as the Volta Gialla Room, the owls one and other spaces which are around the western peristyle. This last one was a place loved by all the artists of the Renaissance, which used to visit it through the light of their torches. Moreover, it will be possible to visit the ‘Criptoportico 92’, an important connection place within the Palace wings.


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