From April 17th to November 3rd 2019 in Rome at the Roman Forum, people will be able to live the experience of life in the Ancient Rome thanks to the project “Journeys through Ancient Rome” that recreates the Forum of Augustus and the Forum of Caesar with the use of advanced technologies and Piero Angela’s voice, a famous Italian science journalist and television host, who will recount lots of historic and scientific information about that period of history.

Forum of Caesar: the story told by Piero Angela starts from the excavations made for the construction of Via dei Fori Imperiali that involved thousand of workers who had to dig out the area until the level of Ancient Rome. Then the story leads to the daily life of Romans and evokes the figure of Julius Caesar and what he made. The story is accompanied by virtual reconstructions and videos.

Forum of Augustus: Piero Angela talk about the figure of Augustus and the Imperial age that started under his domination and that allowed Rome to rule over an extended empire (from current England to most of Europe, the Middle-East and North Africa). At that time, Rome had more than 1 million inhabitants and it was the biggest metropolis of ancient age.


The two spectacles have different schedules, to know more about it click here.


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