It’s Coffee time!

Coffee, coffee, coffee… Have you ever tried to order a coffee in Italy?  Ordering one is not as simple as at Starbucks. In Italy, everyone has his or her own preferences when it comes to coffee.

It does not matter where you go, you will always find coffee.

Italian people are proud of it and actually cannot eliminate coffee from their meals.

Italian cafeterias provide an enormous variety of coffee and the most famous are:


  1. Caffè espresso
  2. Caffè corretto
  3. Caffè decaffeinato
  4. Caffè doppio
  5. Caffè lungo (or caffè americano)
  6. Cappuccino
  7. Caffè macchiato
  8. Caffè marocchino
  9. Caffè latte
  10. Caffè al ginseng
  11. Caffè mocaccino


  1. Caffè espresso = is creamy, tasty and quite strong.
  2. Caffè corretto= is obtained by adding to a normal espresso a small amount of hard liquor.
  3. Caffè decaffeinato = is a coffee deprived of caffeine. People normally drink it in the evening and after dinner to avoid the risk of staying awake during the night.
  4. Caffè doppio = is simply a double dose of espresso.
  5. Caffè lungo = is obtained by draining more water than usual and contains more caffeine than normal.
  6. Cappuccino = is an espresso with foamed milk and it is generally topped with whipped cream.
  7. Caffè macchiato = is a normal espresso with addition of a little warm milk.
  8. Caffè marocchino = is a coffee with chocolate.
  9. Caffè latte = is a coffee with a huge amount of milk.
  10. Caffè al ginseng = is a creamy coffee with caramel.
  11. Caffè mocaccino = is a chocolate cream with coffee


Which is your favourite?