From Saint Petersburg to Rome: “L’ Adolescente” by Michelangelo

From Saint Petersburg to Rome: “L’ Adolescente” by Michelangelo

Adolescente Michelangelo

“The Crouching boy”, known as “L’Adolescente” in Italian, is one of Michelangelo’s masterpieces displayed in the Russian Museum Hermitage, in Saint Petersburg. The Renaissance work was bought by tsarina Catherine II The Great from an English banker in 1787. It is one of the very few works preserved abroad.

Adolescente MichelangeloThe work was meant to be placed in the Medici’s Chapel in the Church of San Lorenzo, Florence. According to the three-year agreement between the Hermitage and the Alda Fendi Foundation, the work is going to get in Rome for the first time (making it its second time in Italy following its display at the Uffizi in Florence in 2000).

The sculpture represents a boy crouching trying to remove a thorn from his foot. Despite its size (height: 54,0 cm), the precious marble suggests the idea of monumentality and inner force. It seems to be uncomplete as the last details and polishing are missing; it still remains a work of art of an extraordinary beauty.

“I love my city, Rome, and I think that culture is the best tool through all the difficulties the city has to struggle with. I’m so glad to give to Rome something as rare and special” said Alda Fendi.

Everybody is invited to admire the exhibition until 10 March 2019, cured by Sergeij Androsov, Europe art department director of the Hermitage.

Adolescente MichelangeloFondazione Alda Fendi-Esperimenti is located in Circo Massimo area, in via dei Cerchi 21. The admission is free, but you need booking to be sure to find the booking to be sure to find availability. For more information about the calendar and other events, please check the dedicated website.


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