Holidays are that time of the year awaited by both young and old. However, start planning a holiday trip is never easy. First of all, you have to decide where and when to go and what to visit, after that comes the boring part: find a good hotel and make the reservation. For disabled people is even more difficult. They have to find a good and accessible hotel and look for companies who provide accessible tours and services.

When people come to Italy, they usually want to visit ancient monuments and archeological sites. However, not all ancient sites around Italy are suitable for accessible tourism, some are partially accessible, others are still inaccessible.

Rome and Italy group offers special services for people with all kind of disability in order to allow them enjoy the same spectacular places as other people: accessible accommodations 100% certified personally by its staff, rental of any kind of equipment and accessible transportation by vehicles equipped with platforms. Of course, Rome and Italy group offers private and accessible tours and provides the rental of a special chair, the Wheely Trekky, for inaccessible archeological sites. It is a particular wheelchair formed by a seat, one wheel and two armrests and it is carried by two qualified assistants. Armrests are placed in the front and in the back of the chair to support it when not in motion, moreover they allow movement up and down hills, through cobblestones or bumpy terrain. Thanks to a shock absorber, the client feels comfortable on any kind of surface. The Wheely Trekky is easily rolled thanks to its 360°degree maneuverability around obstacles such as stones, holes and steps, allowing visitors to safely navigate the country’s archaeological sites and areas that were not accessible for normal wheelchairs until now. In addition, Rome and Italy can offer the rental of an electric hoist with sling only for the day of the tour that helps people to get on and off the Wheely Trekky without difficulties. Finally, shock absorbers under the chair keep the ride smooth.

Wheely Trekky special wheelchair is available for the following excursions: Roman Forum, Villa of the Quintilii, Ancient Ostia, Appian Way Park, Baths of Caracalla, Villa Adriana (Tivoli), Montecassino, St. Angelo Castle and Ercolano.

If you have special requirement do not hesitate to contact Rome and Italy’s staff! They work on private basis and build the offer based on client’s requests.

Tours with Wheely Trekky include two qualified assistants and a private tour guide. On request Rome and Italy provides also accessible transportation from and to the hotel by vehicle equipped with platform.

Now you can enjoy the ancient sites thanks to Rome and Italy group and their Wheely Trekky, the special wheelchair for inaccessible archeological sites available only with us. Wheelchair user travelers are now on “equal footing” with other travelers as they view all of Italy’s historical sites from Wheely Trekky.

For further information about Wheely Trekky or accessible services offered by Rome and Italy group, you can contact us to or visit our website

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