Turin is renowned as the Italian magic city. The famous capital of Piedmont is said to be one of the apexes of the triangle of white magic with the cities of Prague and Lyons; and one of the apexes of the triangle of dark magic with the cities of London and San Francisco. It is said that the city is permeated with magic energies, which live inside esoteric symbols hidden on and inside the monuments of Turin. The light and dark side of the city of Turin attracts and fascinates many tourists that desire to discover the inner secrets of this captivating city. Looking for answers, fun and adventure is possible by taking part in the numerous “Esoteric tours” organized by the city of Turin. The tour “Magic Turin” brings visitators to discover unusual details, mysterious and esoteric places that they could never have had the chance to see alone. One cannot easily discover symbols when he does not know where to look because they were supposed to be secrets. When you wish to experience something different and out of the ordinary, you should absolutely give Turin a chance. The tons of secrets that the city hides may surprise you more than you expected. If you are curious, contact us at info@romeanditaly.com and visit our website.