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Covid free solution at the intercontinental airport of Rome in Italy

Rome’s Fiumicino airport has become the first airport in the world to receive the award from Skytrax the airport has take the  Covid-19 five stars airport rating

The Skytrax is an English research international industry that made special research to find the best air line company and airports all around the world

However, the new sanitary emergency of Covid19 prompted the organization to come up with a new designation for airport hygiene.

The organization based its rating system on procedural efficiency checks combined with visual observation analysis and ATP sampling tests.

Fiumicino’s airport, also known as Leonardo da Vinci International Airport, has opened a 7000-square-foot Covid19-test center on September 1.

According to Skytrax, the center is well organized and there are signals which are easy to read and available in many languages.

 The place is clean and the staff is well organized. The passengers arriving from many flight will be tested and they have the test result quite immediately  with   Those and other factors led to a 5-star evaluation of the place.

According to the international industry’s rating system, five stars indicates the airport is very clean and the maintenance procedures are really good , while four stars is good and three average. Two stars, the lowest possible rating, means that the airport’s anti-Covid19 protocols need work and improvement.

This reinforces the fact that Rome, and Italy as well, is ready to start over and welcome tourists from all over the world with efficiency and assuring safety at all times.

written by #stefanosghinolfi

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