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Covid-19: new rules from first of April for travel to Italy

The end of state of emergency in Italy is fixed for 31st of March.

Entry into Italy now is allowed by all countries, also outside Europe.
To Reach Italy from all over the world, from the first of April 2022 you must follow these new rules:
At the moment of boarding your flight to Italy, it is necessary the presentation of the Digital Passenger Locator Form (on smartphone or in the written version here the link https://app.euplf.eu/#/ ) the basic Green Pass, and the negative result of a rapid test made not later than 48 hours before your travel.

If you have not the green pass, it is required a period of five days of quarantine at the address indicated in the Digital Passenger Locator Form, it must be done only in case of no show of the green pass at your arriving in Italy. In this case, after five days of quarantine, it’s obligatory a negative rapid Covid test!

NOW at the HOTELS, it’s NOT NECESSARY the Green Pass certification ANYMORE!

In the SHOPS, NO GREEN PASS, but only requirement is, the use of the mask.
Definitive stop to green pass on the local and public transports.
Indoor bars and restaurants require the basic green pass and the obligation of using mask, in the closed places, remain until the 30 of April.

It’s allowed the free entry for public festivals, trade fairs and thermal baths.
ONLY for the wellness centres, playrooms, discos and also cinemas, theatres, swimming pools, gyms and stadiums it’s obligatory the strengthened green pass (it is the certification obtained only after the vaccination). In the hospital and in all the sanitary structures, it is required the strengthened green pass.
From the first of April will be valid the same rules for all people (vaccinated and not)
About the quarantine: remain in isolation only who is positive to the virus. If you have a contact with a positive person, the only thing to do is the self-monitoring for 10 days. It means: the use of FFP2 mask for 10 days. The rapid covid test is required only with the onset of symptoms.
The first of April will be the beginning of the end: the end of a long period of stop. After two years, slowly we go on with our lives, and we can return to our beloved normality. It will be possible to travel and discover new realities, cities and places. You can drink a coffee while you are looking the sky from a new perspective, you can look at a painting in a museum that you have never seen, you will be able to walk in the streets of a city that you don’t know yet and smell the typical dishes before tasting them.

Finally, you can organize your trip again. Now, it’s no longer time to postpone your travel!

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written by #stefanosghinolfi

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